Unleashing our economic potential

The region around us is rapidly progressing and our nation once again risks being left behind without well-planned strategies and policies to address the changing needs of our society and promote development.
To this end, we are proposing a change to the old way of working and adopting a new path for securing economic prosperity through an effective fiscal policy able to promote our business sector and provide the jobs that can help to improve the lot of families across our nation
Unleashing our economy, to better the lives of the Somali people, will require addressing the weakness in our education sector to meet our nation’s likely labor demand in the short and medium term, as well as the fragility in our health sector simply because an unhealthy society is an unproductive society.

Fiscal policy

  1. i. Improve the tax policy of our nation to root out injustices and ensure it’s firmly based on the principle of justice and neutrality. To ensure all citizens and business are contributing to their fair share in the development of our state.
  2. Support a monetary and fiscal policies aimed at creating sound macro-economic environment conducive to stability of the balance of payment and prices, to sustain economic growth and to achieve the highest rate of possible employment and economic stability. 
  3. Ensure a prudent and targeted government expenditure to help address socio-economic problems aggressively without abandoning fiscal discipline and in such a manner as not to impair the growth of our economy. 

Skills - Focusing on Productivity and Employability (Skill Mapping)

  1. To help plan our national human resource development to meet our economies demand over the next decades including engineers, architects, doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, plumbers, carpenters, welders, etc.
  2. Provide a national short-term course focusing on employable skills and the expected skills required by Somalia’s growing economy.
  3. To ensure industry responsive manpower, we will bring together industry, universities and government.
  4. Promote vocational training on a massive scale. Rigid segregation of formal education and skill development will be broken; a mechanism will be established to give vocational qualifications Academic Equivalence.
  5. Create a new institutional mechanism to refresh and upgrade abilities through continuing education to make individuals more employable.
  6. Launch a national program for digital empowerment through computer literacy of the youth


  1. From day one we will establish a new mechanism for Educational Policy performance audit and to have real time information about its performance. 
  2. Program shall be strengthened and expanded and enhanced by a drive to once again remove illiteracy from our nation. 
  3. Universalization of secondary school education and skills development through functional school shall be pursued with particular focus on rural and marginalize communities. 
  4. Increase the availability of free tertiary education to students and Vocational teaching 
  5. Girls/women will be a priority in the provision of support to continue and complete school education. 
  6. Ensure the digital divide does not create further divisions in the learning outcomes of children. 
  7. Introduce a one-year national service for secondary school leavers in exchange for scholarship to pursue university both within Somalia and abroad.
  8. Establish a national E-Library to empower schoolteachers and students.

Boosting Productivity

  1. In a competitive global economy, remaining still can never an option. Hence, we must immediately take necessary decisions to reignite our nation’s productivity growth, particularly in exploiting our nation’s natural resources and encourage world best practice to ensure protection of our natural environment for future generations 
  2. Our Plan is designed to make Somalia more productive and to make our economy more competitive because it’s the key to building a better future with better prospects for all our all our people.
  3. We will implement a more cost-effective government by ensuring public institutions are more cost effective and responsive in contributing to making Somalia more productive through cutting government red tapes, so business become more productive and devote their energies towards business and growth of jobs 
  4. Improving competition rules so competitive forces drive productivity growth and help to rebalance workplace relations to ensure no one is left behind.