Democracy and human security

Deepening democracy

Deeping democracy in Somalia will require promoting the rule of law and this can only be accomplished by finalizing our provisional constitution and putting in to place the third arm of our government. An independent judiciary able to hold to account and ensure both the government and the public abide by the law.
The goal

  • Finalize the Provisional Constitution.
  • Establish a National Judiciary Committee.
  • Establish the Constitutional Court.
  • Hold a person-one vote election in 2026.

Promote human security

Rather than continuing with a policy of Viewing security through the prism of hard security, I believe Somalia requires a paradigm shift in how the provision of security is discussed.
We propose the importance of security being viewed from the prism of putting in place a rights-based, law governed society where the individual has their inherent rights and responsibility as a Somali citizen.
Our goal

  • Establish a national dialogue of stakeholders both government and public to address the key constitutional issues that require addressing to ensure the foundation for a new social contract between the government and the public.
  • Establish a national commission to work with communities across the nation in order to formulate a framework for addressing the full prospects of threats faced by communities including violence, poverty, famine, epidemics and economic.