A new foreign Policy: A smarter way to build alliances

Our Diplomatic mission will be synchronized and work towards meeting the nation’s geo economic interest. Through missions abroad working towards linking our businesses with foreign counterparts in strategic partnerships to develop the private sector and improve the image of Somalia as an opportunity for foreign investment.
International organizations provide opportunity for coordinated action on international platforms. Somalia will seek to play an important role on equal footing to the setting of the rules of international security and global economic order that benefits all. We will maintain our sovereign independence and yet engage the powerful nations and partners without deferring to them. We shall further deepen our multilateralism.

Somalia and IGAD : Somalia will work towards promoting regional cooperation and integration. Our government shall persistently pursue a role of promoting peace and stability to ensure the economic and social development of the members countries of IGAD. We will continue to promote dialogue and negotiations as means of settling disputes and resolving conflicts, as well as work towards realizing the advantages of expanded market for inter-regional trade and economic co-operation. 

Somalia and the AU :We will work to make our African Union work more efficiently, purposefully, and robust for the general advancement of Africa and all its people We will support genuine aspirations of all African States towards the realization of Africa Development objectives especially the realization of Africa Economic Community.
At the national level we will work with the AU’s Peace and Security Council to ensure the successful completion of the African Union Transition Mission and transfer of security responsibility to Somali security forces.

Somalia and the United Nations : We will not falter in our support for the United Nations and its Agencies importantly WTO, World Bank and the IMF. We shall commit ourselves towards a strong democratize UN structure to address skewed world affairs, We will work hard to create a climate of new ideas that advances humanity and ensure a conflict free world.
At the national level we will work extensively with UNSOM to ensure support from our international partners are further aligned with the national priorities underlined in Somalia’s National Development Plan

Somalia has always regarded the Arab league as a key proponent for stability and development in the Arab world. It has been an unwavering friend to those in need within the Arab world and a leader in addressing conflicts within the Arab world. Particularly the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Iraq, Sudan and Yemen but equally supporting the Somali nation through its darkest period. To this end Somalia will work towards supporting the ongoing effort to define a greater Arab vision of our region’s objective, promote solidarity among Arab nations, formulate a common stand on the key global issues and ensure the adoption of a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of sister nations.